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Manny Athwal, Awarded For Innovation From The Institute Of Directors (IoD)

Manny Athwal, the esteemed CEO of School of Coding & AI, was announced winner of the Innovation Award during the Institute of Directors (IoD) Annual Awards ceremony in London this month.

Manny Athwal has long been recognised as a pioneering figure for Coding and Computer Science education. His commitment to new concepts and his ability to transform them into projects that span internationally is phenomenal.

Among the awards they’ve received are the prestigious title of “Entrepreneur of The Year” at Birmingham’s Signature Awards, a distinguished recognition in the “Excellence In Technologies” category at the Nachural Summer Business Awards, and being selected as a winner for the “Director of the Year” in the Innovation category by the Institute of Directors. It doesn’t stop there! They have also clinched finalist spots in two categories for Birmingham’s Signature Awards, two more for the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, and an additional finalist position in one category for LDC. With nominations spanning three distinct awards and a total of eight categories, this individual’s outstanding accomplishments in the business world have garnered well-deserved recognition on multiple fronts.

The IoD Innovation Award serves as a powerful testament to Manny’s extraordinary journey, which was not without its struggles. It reflects his exceptional leadership and the solid innovative spirit that have propelled the organisation to unprecedented heights. Despite facing adversity, including times when he hit rock bottom while striving to support his family, Manny’s resilience and determination shine through in his role as a forward-thinking leader. His personal experiences have not only made him receptive to change but have also instilled in him a profound motivation to inspire others to do the same.

Furthermore, Manny’s dedication to innovation extends far beyond the School of Coding. It’s a commitment born from the challenges he faced, particularly during those tough times. His experiences have moulded him into a prominent figure within the leadership business community. He actively participates in industry events and engages in mentoring programs, drawing from his own experiences to share his expertise and inspire others to think creatively and overcome obstacles with unwavering determination.

Take a listen to the podcast featuring Manny as a guest speaker which talks about his journey.

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