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About the company

School of Coding & AI was founded in 2017 and is now the UK’s largest multi award winning Computer Science and Coding education company teaching thousands of children and adults each month. Working with hundreds of schools, colleges and businesses each year, delivering STEM, Coding, Computer Science, A.I. and Cyber Security courses.

We help governments across the UK and 11 European countries to build strategies and methodologies to implement tech education into schools, youth and adult education. This helps countries become more innovative and reduces unemployment, whilst building the workforce for the future.

Our presence in Asia has broadened significantly, particularly in India’s due to its reputation for hosting the fastest-growing economy and making significant strides in computer science and AI. 

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about us
about us

Our Mission

We exist to educate children and adults to help them build a better future so that they can find solutions to the world’s biggest problems through code.

Our Vision

We want to be the world’s leading tech education company and become a unicorn from the Midlands.

Our Values

At School of Coding, we are guided by key values that shape our approach to education:


To always stay inspired and inspire others.


To encourage our students and staff to think creatively and push boundaries.


To be committed to using our skills and resources to create positive change in the world.

Stay Positive

To never give up no matter how difficult it may seem.


Always have the belief we will create coders who will find solutions to the world's biggest problems.

Advisory Board

Stuart Ross

Senior Business Strategist
Stuart is a senior business strategist and growth expert working with School of Coding & AI helping to shape the future of the business. With more than thirty years of experience in marketing, starting new businesses, business development and scaling businesses, Stuart Ross is an experienced director, strategist, business coach, author and non- executive director.

Tim Luft

Digital Media Entrepreneur
Tim is a Digital Media Entrepreneur based in the West Midlands. He specialises in virtual reality (VR) and has extensive experience in the UK video game industry. Tim has led Regional Innovation programs for the UK Government and helped establish University Institutes focused on 3D environments for teaching and learning. He founded his own VR development studio in the West Midlands, which he sold in 2020. Tim currently serves as the Innovation lead for Create Central, promoting collaboration between the regional digital creative sector. He mentors entrepreneurs in technology solutions, sits on the Telford Business Board, and advises the DiT Global Entrepreneur Programme.

Meet The Team

Meet our highly experienced team who define our expertise.

Manny Athwal

Founder & CEO
Manny started School of Coding in 2017 out of his bedroom and has grown it into a leading global educational brand with offices in multiple countries. Beyond growing the company, Manny is passionate about educational research and leads several projects exploring coding education for autism, youth empowerment, and women migrants. With his wife Sandeep, Manny also founded SOC Communities Foundation to provide coding opportunities for underserved communities around the world. Manny's vision is to equip learners with coding skills to solve major challenges and build a better future.

Sandeep Athwal

Having obtained a degree in Psychology and multiple qualifications in training and assessing, Sandeep is a Director at School of Coding, leading the growth strategy and recruitment within the business. Sandeep finds new talent for the company in the UK & Europe. Sandeep is also the co-founder of SOC Communities Foundation, which helps many underprivileged communities across the UK, Europe & Asia. Sandeep is a busy mum of two and a loving wife of Manny Athwal. Sandeep loves fashion and anything to do with children and family.

Suki Gill

Director of Education and Quality
Suki brings extensive experience in computing education to her role. Holding an MSc in Computing, she previously served as Head of Department for 11 years at various secondary schools. As an OCR examiner and moderator for nine years, she contributed to growing participation of girls in STEM fields. Her leadership roles provided training for Computer Science educators at all levels. With experience across different school types, Suki understands how to teach diverse learners and break down exam questions effectively.

Sareena Utley

Executive assistant and DPO
Sareena is responsible for strategic administration and operations at School of Coding. She develops policies and procedures while ensuring compliance. With a background in auditing, assurance and contract management, Sareena brings expertise in risk assessment, controls and legal obligations. Prior to joining, she established processes and managed stakeholder relations at other institutions. At School of Coding, Sareena applies her extensive administrative experience to help scale operations as the company expands its global impact through coding education.

Malik Farooq

Finance Manager
I am the Finance Manager at School of Coding. I hold an MSc in Accounting and Financial Management from Coventry University, and I am currently studying for ACCA. With over five years of experience in accounting and finance, I hold various skills and are always eager to explore new ideas and concepts. I’ve had a passion for numbers since childhood, so I chose this field as my career. As a hardworking and adaptable individual, I maintain a professional manner in the workplace, excel as part of a team, and work independently with initiative. I enjoy learning about innovations, such as cars and IT, during my free time.

Cameron Atwal

Assistant Project Manager
Cameron has been with the School of Coding & AI for two years, initially joining as a tutor providing personalised 1:1 lessons, workshops, and after-school clubs. Over time, he transitioned to leading his first project, overseeing and coordinating holiday clubs for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with special educational needs across Wolverhampton, Walsall, Staffordshire and Telford. Now, as Assistant Project Manager, Cameron is responsible for spearheading project bids, meticulously planning project logistics, and effectively executing initiatives with a dedicated team under his leadership.

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