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Engaging Computer Science Workshops for Secondary Schools

Inspire students to explore a future in tech through inspiring one-off computer science workshops.

Technology is well and truly a part of modern life. Its therefore essential to equip the next generation with computer science essentials and inspire them to consider a career in STEM.

School of Coding provide mind-blowing computer science activity workshops for secondary schools up and down the UK.

These workshops include practical demonstrations and exercises to embed learning. The workshops are separated into two levels, both of which follow the National Curriculum Computing Programmes of Study:

  • Workshop 1 is designed for years 7,8 and 9 to encourage them towards a Computer Science GCSE and a career in STEM.
  • Workshop 2 is designed for GCSE and A Level students to enrich they comprehension and enhance exam results.

School of Coding are the only provider in the country to provide Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Coding and Machine Learning in their curriculum.

Our workshops get students using robotic kits, creating computer programs and provides practical experience of using computer science to solve problems.

During Our Workshops

Students will be encouraged to apply fundamental principles of computer science and coding through engaging practical exercises and easy to follow demonstrations.

Our workshops:

  • Get students thinking about how to solve problems using computational logic
  • establish the practical upshot of coding through robotics and electronics exercises
  • Instil curiosity into the world of tech and encourages students to pursue STEM careers
  • Urge students to work in team and solve problems together
  • Encourage students to become responsible, confident and creative users of technology

Our workshops are designed to present computer science in an interesting an novel way, encouraging students ti pursue further education in STEM subjects and to enhance Computer Science GCSE results.