Who are School of Coding?

  • We teach computer science and coding to children and adults. Working in partnership with three major universities and over 100 primary & secondary schools in the UK, we deliver after school clubs, coding workshops, holiday clubs, and adult education courses. Our mission is to engage, inspire and create tech leaders of tomorrow from a young age.

What is the age range?

  • Here at School of Coding we teach children from the age of 6 and all the way up to 18. Our adult education is suitable for ages 18+.

Where are you based?

  • We are based at Unit 8, Newton Court, Pendeford Business Park, Wolverhampton WV9 5HB

What types of payment do you accept?

  • We accept cash payment or bank transfers. See below

Do your staff have DBS checks?

  • All our staff have enhanced DBS checks and are trained in safeguarding.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

  • Unfortunately we don’t accept childcare vouchers.

What happens if my child can’t attend one of their lessons?

  • As long as we have been notified 24 hours in advance we won’t charge for the lesson but if not 50% of the lesson fee will be payable. See below

When do the lessons take place?

  • We have groups available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening and Saturdays. We also have 1:2:1 tuition Monday-Saturday. 

Does my child need to bring anything with them to tuition?

  • The only thing they need to bring is a USB so they can save the work that they have been working on.

Does the tuition run the half terms and summer holidays?

  • Our tuition runs all throughout the year except for 2 weeks at Christmas. 

Can my child take their GCSE Computer Science exam with you?

  • We have all the material for the whole GCSE curriculum so children are able to obtain their Computer Science GCSE at School of Coding. And because we are an OCR exam centre even the GCSE exam can be taken in our tuition centre, or alternatively at School. We work with your child’s school to facilitate this.

How long is each session?

  • Group sessions are for 1 hour and 1:2:1 can be for 1 hour or more.



I FAQs – Holiday Clubs

What are the holiday clubs?

  • The holiday clubs are fun education workshops we offer during the half-terms and holidays. Children can enjoy different types of coding activities and virtual reality throughout the day.

 Do they have to have any coding experience?

  • No, the children can be new to coding and have some experience. We cater for all levels of experience, so there will be something for all children.

Do they need to bring anything with them?

  • We suggest that they bring a packed lunch so they have something to eat at lunchtime and also a USB if they would like to save the work they have been doing.

What is the cost of a holiday club?

  • The cost for the full day holiday camp is £25.

What are the times of the holiday clubs?

  • It depends on the location so it will either be a 9am or 9:30 start and 4pm finish.



I FAQs – Refunds / Finance process

What types of payment do you accept? 

  • We accept payments via all major credit and debit cards or standing orders. Our subscriptions payments are collected by WorldPay.
  • We charge for lessons upfront per month
  •  For One to One lessons the price is £99.99 per month. This Includes one lesson per week, to be of the same subject with the same tutor.
  • Sibling or paired lesson price is £69.99. This Includes one lesson per week, to be of the same subject with the same tutor.
  • Group lessons are a subscription of £49.99 Group Lesson. Minimum three students, maximum six.  Includes one lesson per week, to be of the same subject with the same tutor.
  • GCSE One to One lessons are charged at £99.99 per month via monthly subscription or £28 per lesson via BACS
  • GCSE Group lessons are charged at £69.99 per month on subscription
  • A-Level lessons are charged at £35 per lesson 
  • A-Level Group lessons are charged at £99.99 per month on a subscription

All lessons must be paid in advance of the lesson commencement

What happens if my child cannot attend one of their lessons?

  • If your child is having 1:2:1 Lessons then your lesson with your tutor is rearranged at a mutually convenient time.
  • We will always endeavor to rearrange lessons to suit all parties as a first priority as consistency to learning is key rather than ad hoc lessons or missing them entirely.
  • For monthly subscriptions you will receive four lessons across the month, even if we have two in one week. There is no rescheduling for subscription based or group based lessons, unless the group lesson was cancelled.

How do I cancel a lesson? And will I be charged?

  • For 1:2:1 lessons if you provide a full 48 hours notice to us in advance of your lesson, this will be rearranged or cancelled and you will not be charged in the event we cannot rearrange it.
  • If you fail to attend your lesson in person or online without 48 hours notice the lesson fee will still be charged and payable in full. 
  • No refunds are given on monthly subscriptions for cancellations of lessons. It may be possible to freeze your monthly subscription in certain circumstances, if you need to do this please contact us with one calendar month’s notice.  
  • If our tutor is unable to attend the lesson and you have been notified in advance, we will arrange a mutually convenient alternative time for the lesson.
  • If for some reason our tutor does not attend the lesson and you have not been given notice you will not be charged, or you will be refunded.

I want to stop my lessons altogether, how do I do this?

  • Permanent cancellation of lessons for pay as you go clients should be given a minimum of seven days in advance, expiring the day before your next lesson is due. We cannot accept cancellations with under seven days notice.
  • Permanent cancellation of lessons for paying monthly subscription clients should be given a minimum of one calendar month in advance. We cannot accept cancellations under one calendar month. If you wish your lessons to cease regardless, the full month’s subscription will be due.