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In school and after school weekly clubs are a perfect way to introduce and enhance computer science and coding at your school. We offer our clubs during school time & after school. In both clubs, we follow the national curriculum for computing in primary schools. All our school clubs are run by our professional (DBS checked) staff who make computer science exciting whilst delivering our key educational programme consisting of block and text-based coding, electronic kits and fun robotics.

Getting Started is Easy

We can run a club with a minimum of 10 & a maximum of 30 students. Pupil premium can be used for towards our school clubs. Students create something different and original with each project and are challenged to be more creative and make them independent thinkers.

Coding Club 1 for years 1-3 includes:

  • E-safety;
  • Introduction to block coding;
  • Introduction to computers. How software and hardware work together;
  • Coding over 20 exciting games;
  • Creation of a number of games using block coding starting from simple games and moving onto multiplayer games;
  • Small coding projects using BBC micro bits.

Coding Club 2 for years 4-6 includes:

  • Advanced E-safety
  • Introduction to text-based coding;
  • Coding over 25 exciting games;
  • Introduction to robotics and electronics;
  • Basic projects using Raspberry Pi;
  • Advanced projects using Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other open source electronics.