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The COVID-19 pandemic means that we have all had to change our daily lives and routines in some way, with some people making bigger changes than others. This has been no different for us here at School of Coding. We have also had to adapt both our resources and teaching methods during this time of huge change and uncertainty. We have done so by adapting our usual teaching sessions to suit online delivery, and we are pleased to say that it is going very well.

By now you are probably very familiar with the likes of Zoom and Google Meets, but they’re not just useful for conference calls and virtual get-togethers with family and friends. We’re also utilising these platforms to bring our teaching direct to living rooms across the nation. We are proud of the fact that our free sessions are remaining true to our ethos. They are still engaging and exciting, and students are still enjoying learning to code with us.

Our Hope

Our hope is that by providing our free sessions we can help to lessen the strain of homeschooling in some way and we have not stopped with coding alone. Just as we do in-house, we are also providing primary-level English and Maths sessions so that children do not fall behind, and so that parents, like many of us here, do not have to constantly worry about planning and keeping up with the sometimes challenging curriculum.

To go along with our free English, Maths and Coding sessions, below we have linked some other free resources you may want to use to keep your children ahead and entertained in this strange time. Parents of children in the UK, keyworkers and fellow teachers, we are with you. Together, we can all work to keep our children’s education and wellbeing blossoming and we can do our bit to beat this terrible virus. We are going to update the below list as new resources and offers are found to keep you up to date with the latest tools available.

Free Resources

BBC Bitesize offers all subjects for all ages and as of April 20th, they will be providing daily lessons
Duolingo is a free app and website used for language learning
Twinkl, often used by teachers are offering resources and advice to parents covering all primary subjects





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