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Coding and Computer Science in your school.

In today’s digital world, coding is a fundamental skill alongside math and reading, but too few kids have the opportunity to learn to program because it is rarely taught in school. 

Our mission is to create a fun and engaging activities where children not only learn to program but also have opportunities to be creative using code.


Primary Schools STEM Workshops

  • STEM Coding and Engineering Workshops
  • STEM Workshops in Block Coding
  • STEM Coding Workshop for Maths
  • STEM Coding Workshop for Science

Secondary Schools STEM Workshops

  • STEM Coding and Engineering Workshops
  • STEM Coding Workshops in Python
  • STEM Coding Workshop for Maths
  • STEM Coding Workshop for Science

Primary Schools Coding Workshops

  • Drones and Robotics Coding Workshop
  • Virtual Reality Workshops
  • Block Coding Workshops

Secondary Schools Coding Workshops

  • Drones and Robotics Coding Workshop
  • Virtual Reality Workshops
  • GCSE Revision Workshops
  • Cyber Security Workshops

We make it fun and easy for children to code.

We teach the full subject of GCSE computer science as set out by the OCR & AQA Board. We provide 1:1 tuition for GCSE students and work on both theory and the NEA project.

We teach computer science GCSE like any other school, the student would attend one lesson per week. We teach, prepare and organise everything for the student to obtain a high-grade GCSE in computer science.

If you or your child would like to obtain an extra GCSE or want tuition please contact us for further information.

Please note the minimum age for enrollment onto GCSE syllabus is 9 Years, there is no upper limit.

What we teach?

scratch school of coding

Scratch coding tuition from 6 years of age.

We teach a full syllabus in Scratch coding to kids aged 6 years and older. 

Our syllabus consists of the following:


  • Introduction to block coding;
  • 4 X Basic coding 1 player games;
  • 2 Intermediate 2 player games.


  • 1 Commercial game such as Minecraft or Temple Run;
  • Advanced commercial coding programming for Bank ATM and Supermarket checkout.
Raspberry_Pi school of coding

We offer over 20 projects on Raspberry Pi for all age groups.

python-logo school of coding

We teach Python to kids aged 8 to 16. We offer Python for GCSE and A- Level Students.

ocr-logo school of coding

We offer private GCSE sitting for students looking to gain an extra GCSE in Computer Science from OCR.

Microsoft-Logo school of coding

We teach young guns the basic skills needed to operate Microsoft applications. Including Word, Excel & Powerpoint.

Unlock the Power of STEM with a Top-notch Tutor!

Suki Gill

I have an MSc in Computing and have held the position of Head of Department for ten years. My experience has enabled me to work in a range of schools including Grammar, Independent and Boarding secondary schools. This has allowed me to develop my understanding of how students need to break down exam questions, what should be included in their responses as well as how to teach different types of learners. I have also held the position of an OCR examiner and NEA moderator for nine years which has allowed me to get more girls into Computing and STEM subjects. As a middle leader, I have also been responsible for training Computer Science teachers at all levels.

by Manny Athwal | June 17,2023 | 

In today’s rapidly evolving world, skills in Coding and STEM have become crucial for young minds to thrive in the digital era. Recognising the significance of equipping students with these essential skills, School of Coding has been at the forefront of revolutionising STEM education in schools across the UK. 

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by Manny Athwal | June 1,2023 | 

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in Computer Science is a significant qualification for students interested in pursuing a career in the field. Recently, concerns have been raised regarding the difficulty and fairness of the examination papers.

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by Manny Athwal | Feb 10,2023 | 

As the world progresses, so too must our understanding of security threats and how to mitigate them. With the ever-growing prevalence of cyber-attacks, it has become essential for businesses and individuals to have a sound understanding of cyber security.

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