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Exciting coding workshops for your school

We offer fun and innovative, mind-blowing STEM activity workshops that cover The National Curriculum Computing Programmes of study.

Workshop 1 is Designed for years 7, 8, and 9 to encourage more students to take up Computer Science GCSE.

Workshop 2 is designed for GCSE students to help with NEA & the theory exams.

In both workshops, we use robotic kits, coding programs, and other hardware to develop learning.

Certificates and prizes are offered to encourage participation and engagement.

During our workshops

Students will understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science using STEM activities.

During the workshop students will:
  • Learn to code and analyze problems in computational terms, repeat the practical experience of writing computer programs to solve problems.
  • Learn to evaluate and apply information technology using robotic kits.
  • Work in teams to become more responsible, competent, confident, and creative users of technology.

Our workshops are designed to help schools improve their GCSE results by enhancing students learning of both theory & programming.

Primary School Workshops
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