Manny Athwal

Having obtained his Undergradute degree from University of Wolverhampton and Masters from Staffordshire University, Manny is the founder of School of Coding. Currently head of business development and growth stratedgy. Specialises in GCSE and A-Level intervention programs for schools. A member of Aston University Business School Alumni.


Sandeep Athwal

Having obtained a degree in Psychology and multiple qualifications in training and assessing, Sandeep is now head of computing within primary schools, specialising in after-school clubs and national workshops. She is also responsible for recruiting new talent for the company.

Clare Norton

Hi, I'm Clare, Operations Manager at School of Coding, School of Cyber Security, The Work College and SOC Learning. Over the years I’ve worked in advertising, marketing, law, software, education, and business management and growth. That’s why my role at School of Coding suits me so well. It’s the perfect mix of everything I know and love. Outside of work, I’m a mum to my thirteen-year-old son, and I’m passionate about being the best I can be and encouraging others to do the same, both inside and outside of the workplace. My favourite thing about my role is working with the team and working on the ever-changing, ever-diverse projects we undertake as coding educators. My advice to my ten-year-old self would be to listen to and trust your gut instinct. And I would love to be mentored by Alan Sugar!

Hareem Dawar

Hareem Dawar

Acting as one of our longest working tutors, Hareem has been working with School of Coding from the very beginning, in 2017. At age 24, she has a range of tutor roles. Focusing on GCSE Maths 11+ Exam Preparation, she is also a tutor within the primary sector. Hareem has a First Class honours degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Wolverhampton. She then completed her PGCE in Primary Education and Maths Specialism at Birmingham City University.

Gus Basson

Gus Basson

Acting as one of our longest working tutors, Gus has been working at School of Coding since its inception in 2017. At age 34, he has a range of tutor roles, including -Scratch, Python, PyGame, and GCSE Computer Science. Gus has an admirable bachelor's honours degree in Accounting and Finance from Birmingham City University, ACCA Chartered Accountant Qualification and a previous career in Commercial Finance.


Teri Dawkins

Acting as one of our newest tutors and youngest, Teri joined School of Coding in December 2021. At the age of 17, impressively, she teaches Python Programming and GCSE Computer Science, having just completed her GCSEs in early 2021. With excellent GCSE results ranging between 9 and 7 ( A** and A), she now studies Maths, Computer Science and Biology A-Levels at Wolverhampton Girls high.


Grace Bennett

As another younger tutor, Grace joined School of Coding in February 2021 as her first paid job. At age 17, she committedly teaches Python, GCSE Computer Science, and produces excellent Scratch, Java, and Python resources for our new Erasmus Projects. Having produced amazing GCSE results ranging from 9-8 (A**- A*), she currently studies A-Level English, Maths and Computer Science at Wolverhampton Girls High. Outside school and work hours, Grace voluntarily runs a robotics club and Tech Club ( Introduction to Lighting & Sound for Stage) for younger students.


Edward Whale

As a new tutor to the 2021/2022 academic year, Edward has been with School of Coding since September 2021. At 21, he dedicatedly teaches Python Programming, Induction lessons and GCSE Computer Science whilst studying for his final year in his Undergraduate Computer Science Degree. Having achieved Grades A-C in his A-Levels at Peter Symonds College and A-C in 11 GCSEs, he also completed a placement year as a Software Engineer at GE Aviation from 2020-2021. "I really enjoy helping to support students learn new skills and build a passion for the topic of computing, and I believe that SOC's brilliant resources allow that for young people."


Natasha Parbhakar

Acting as one of our newest tutors and youngest, Natasha joined School of Coding in December 2021. At the age of 17, impressively, she teaches Python Programming and GCSE Computer Science, having just completed her GCSEs in early 2021. With fantastic GCSE results ranging from 9-7 ( A**- A), she currently studies A-Levels at Wolverhampton Girls High. She runs Robotics and Tech Clubs for younger students in her spare time and is acting Prefect for Computer Science at her Sixth Form.


Raoul Jeyakumar

Equally one of our newest tutors, Raoul joined School of Coding in January 2022. At age 21, he teaches GCSE Mathematics and Core Sciences to our students. Having achieved 12 GCSEs ranging from A*- C at Upton Court Grammar and A-Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Biology, he is now impressively in his final year at Swansea University, studying Civil Engineering.


Abraham Camps

Having started in January 2022, Abraham teaches the full range of - Scratch, Python, GCSE, and A-Level Computer Science. Having achieved his Mathematics and English GCSE At Kearsley Academy, he went on to get his Level 2+3 Extended Diploma at Bolton College. He also achieved his Gold Course and Remote Qualification Course in Computing and Cyber Security before starting at Wolverhampton University as a first-year, now studying Cyber Security at the Undergraduate level.


Roshini Kalidindi

Another new member starting in January 2022- Roshini, teaches Scratch, Python and Computer Science through School of Coding. At age 23, Roshini has a fundamental skillset in Python WordPress, C++ and Visual Studio. She is now pursuing her Master's in Computer Science at Keele University, having already achieved her undergraduate degree at Wolverhampton University.


Ashwin Jaimal

After working for almost an entire year, Ashwin started working with School of Coding in May 2021. At age 21, Ashwin teaches Python and Java. Gaining an impressive 11 GCSEs and 3 A-Levels ranging from A*-C at Highfields School. He is now studying in his final year for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Aston University, expecting to complete his master's postgraduate in the following year to come. “Working with School of Coding has been amazing! As a tutor, it feels gratifying to teach children and adults about subjects you are passionate about.”


Cameron Athwal

Having worked at School of Coding for two years, at the age of 20, Cameron teaches Scratch, Python and GCSE Computer Science. Having completed his GCSEs and A-Levels at Upton Court Grammer, he is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Coventry University and will be moving to Buckingham University in September 2022.


Nitin Wadakar

With a Master's in IT and over 4+ years in the IT and Education field, I am experienced in IGCSE, GCSE, OCR, AQA, Computer Science, Scratch, Python, Pygame, HTML, CSS, JAVA Script etc. Inspiring young minds is my ultimate purpose and it fuels my passion to teach.

Rajiv Malik

Having completed his Master Degree in Computer Application from MDU, Rajiv Malik has a teaching experience of 22+ years. Vast knowledge in Python, Java, Android Programming, PHP, MySql, C, C++, HTML with CSS, JavaScript, C#, VB .Net, Asp .Net, Oracle, D2K.


Rúben Martins

Having completed his education in Portugal, Ruben is a hardware and software specialist with vast knowledge of web development, web design, databases and programming in Java, Python and C#.