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Coding and Tech Workshop for Primary School

Get students exploring technology engaging one-off computer science workshops. 

   The role that technology plays in our lives is growing every day, so it’s crucial to educate and inspire the younger generation in the essentials of computer science.

   School of Coding provide exciting coding activity workshops for primary schools around the UK. These mind-blowing workshops include practical, hands-on coding exercises designed to embed learning and ignite the imagination.

Our workshops follow the National Curriculum Computing Programs of Study and are separated into two age groups:

  • Workshop 1 covers Computing for Key Stages 1 & 2
  • Workshop 2 covers Computing for Key Stages 3 & 4

   Both workshops introduce robotic kits, coding your own computer program and highlight how technology can be used to solve practical problems. 

   Desirable prizes can be won during the workshops to reward participation and engagement.

25. Coding and Tech workshop for Primary school

During Our Workshops:

Students will be instructed in the fundamental concepts behind computer science and coding through practical exercises developed to embed learning.

Our workshops:

  • Introduce the concept of computational logic
  • Introduce coding concepts through practical robotics and programming exercises
  • Stimulate problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Encourage students to work as a team towards a shared goal
  • Show students how to become responsible, confident and creative users of technology 

   School of Coding also provide optional follow up lessons to cover Key Stage 1-4 Computing Programs of Study in more depth, fulfilling further National Curriculum requirements. 

   These workshops present computer science in a novel and an interesting way designed to inspire young minds.

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