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Intervention Programmes for Secondary Schools

After-School Coding & Tech Clubs

These weekly one-hour coding clubs are a perfect way to inspire and motivate students in coding and computer science. During the clubs, students learn to code in different languages, such as Scratch, Python, and Java, and build knowledge in computer science as a subject. The clubs are made fun and exciting through Games Coding, Robotics, and Electronics.

Coding & Tech workshop for Year 7 - 10

Our award-winning full-day coding and tech workshop is packed with fun and inspirational activities. During the workshop students design and code games, robotics, and build electronic kits, experience VR, and get advice on different career paths in tech. Students also use our career mapper game to build a custom career path in tech, which guides them on the requirements for their chosen job and motivates students to study further with more clarity.

GCSE Exam Grade Booster program

Our premium exam booster sessions help boost GCSE Grades by almost 70%. You can choose a 6 or 12-session program. The 6 session program covers component 2 topics, especially Algorithms, and Coding. The 12-session program is designed to help with complex topics from both Component 1 and Component 2. In both programs students will be taught coding and provided with the knowledge and skill set to tackle the NEA.

GCSE Revision focused workshop

This full-day revision workshop is a gateway to improving GCSE results for Year 10 & 11 students. The workshop focuses on teaching exam techniques and important topics from both Components 1 & 2 through fun and exciting activities, which then become trigger points for students in the exam room.

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