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After School Coding and Tech Clubs

Our mission and vision...

Is to teach coding and computer science to the next generation and help schools in becoming tech leaders by improving computing standards in both primary and secondary schools in the UK.

We go the extra mile to help all our partner schools this is why we do all the admin work, write letters and carry out DBS checks.

We also provide free assemblies to all our schools so that every student in the school understands coding.

Tech Leader of Tomorrow Coding Club - for Years 1 - 6

Our coding clubs are designed to teach children to code in a fun and exciting way.

The clubs run on a weekly basis and are delivered by a DBS-checked experienced tutor.

Students learn to code Games, Animations, and Apps.

Virtual Reality Club - For Years 3 - 6

Using the latest technology students in our VR club become fully immersed in their surroundings. 

From being transported to Africa, Asia, and the USA, students learn about cultures and interesting parts of the world like the Great Wall of China. 

In each club, students work through various activities and learn about important topics such as global warming in Antarctica, to the inside of the human body. 

This club is limited to a maximum of 15 students.

Robotics Coding Club for Years 1 - 6

In this STEM Coding Club, we teach children to bring engineering and coding together.

Children build and code projects like windmills, robotics cars, and water pumps.


Getting started is easy…

We do all the letters and arrangements and a free assembly to ignite interest.

After School Clubs For Primary Schools
After School Clubs For Primary Schools
After School Clubs For Primary Schools
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