How we help your child become a young coder of tomorrow?

There are so many ways your child can learn to code but, having private lessons at School of Coding not only accelerates learning but also encourages the student to do more than just that is requires at school and at national curriculum level. This is why our students are always one step ahead at school in Computing. We teach students from the tender of age of 6 years through to A-Level.

It’s our story that makes us different

With our CEO-Manny Athwal starting this same company from tutoring Computer Science individually to now spreading education and digital knowledge all across the UK, it shows that School of Coding has always had a passion for the students. Everything starts with the students and their enthusiasm to learn and develop.

Our tuition centre

Our School of Coding tuition centre is based at Pendeford Business Park and is open Monday – Saturday from 11am – 8:30pm. There is always a receptionist and 24-hour security guard on duty, so your child is always in a safe environment.

All our tutors are DBS checked

Before we hire our tutors, we make sure they are DBS (Formally CRB) checked. School of Coding takes value in making sure we have the right people tutoring our students. Safety for everyone in our coding family is and has always been a priority.

Students don't need to bring their own computer

Within our establishment students are provided with full equipment. So there’s no need for students to bring their computers. There is a comfortable waiting area with a television and refreshments available for parents to use.